MuSR Graphical User Interface: deltat  2.0
Setting Up deltat

Configuration file

The deltat.set configuration file is located in the back-end computer in the directory /userdisk0/musr/exp/td_musr/deltat. It contains information on the devices which are accessible with the GUI. A typical structure is shown below:

AREA       PIM3
BEAMLINE   BeamlinePiM3

# devices using muSR add ons
DEVICE HM TDCV1190 tdcv11900

# equipment type name path flags (R=readonly,M=measured,D=demand,O=omit,default=DM
#                                 X=readonly when not special flag set or 
#                                   not user root or l_musr_mgr)
#                                 S=fe_start/stop 
#                                 A=Analyzer_start/stop
#                                 U=Update Titles
EQUIPMENT EXPMAG           expmag         /userdisk0/musr/exp/td_musr/expmag    S
EQUIPMENT LTC21            templtc        /userdisk0/musr/exp/td_musr/dat/ltc   S
EQUIPMENT PFEIFFER_RVC300  flowr300       .                                     S
EQUIPMENT EL734            smel734        .                                     S
EQUIPMENT LAKESHORE_DT208  ls208          .                                     M
EQUIPMENT GOSSEN_SSP120    tubehgssp      .                                     S
EQUIPMENT KEITHLEY_270X    dmm270x        /userdisk0/musr/exp/td_musr/dat/dvm   MS
EQUIPMENT PSIBL            pim3           .                                     S
EQUIPMENT LS340            templs0        /userdisk0/musr/exp/td_musr/dat/ls340 S
EQUIPMENT PFEIFFER_TPG252A tpg3000        .                                     M
#EQUIPMENT AGILENT_E364XA   agvolt0        .                                     S
#EQUIPMENT AGILENT_E364XA   agvolt1        .                                     S
EQUIPMENT SIS3820          sis38200       .                                     SAM
EQUIPMENT ISEG_HPX30107    hpx3000        .                                     SMDX
EQUIPMENT HVR400           hvgps0         .                                     SMDX
EQUIPMENT CFD950           cfdgps0        /userdisk0/musr/exp/td_musr/dat/cfd950 SMDX

# alias
ALIAS Temperature          templtc
ALIAS Field                expmag
ALIAS Position             smel734
ALIAS Flow                 flowr300
ALIAS Tube_Heater          tubehgssp
ALIAS Temperature_2nd_Port templs0
ALIAS Beamline_PiM3        pim3
ALIAS Magnet               expmag
ALIAS Parameters_Cryo      dmm270x        
ALIAS Phase_Separator      ls208
ALIAS Vacuum_Instrument    tpg3000
ALIAS VME_Scaler           sis38200
ALIAS HV_Supply            hpx3000
ALIAS HV_Divider           hvgps0

A "#" at the beginning of a line means a comment.
For the equipment list, the type, name, path and flag need to be defined.
The name can be altered on the GUI using the alias command (where the 1st argument represents the name shown on the GUI and the 2nd represents the name of the equipment. The flag for the equipment can have the values: "S"=possibility to start and stop the front-end, "A"=possibility to start and stop the analyzer, "R"=readonly, "M"=measured, "D"=demand, "U"=update title and "O"=omit. The flag "X" puts the equipment in readonly mode when deltat is invoked without special flag or the id of the user is neither "root" nor "l_musr_mgr". The flag default value is "DM".