MuSR Graphical User Interface: deltat  2.0
Using deltat

This section describes how to use the deltat GUI application to control your experiment.
The application is started on the MuSR Linux Console systems (see table below) by typing deltat on the command prompt, or by double-clicking the corresponding icon. The deltat application can be used either interactively (so-called "Manual Mode") or can be utilized to setup and start automatic run-sequences (so called "Autorun Mode").
The following subsections provide a detailed information how to use the deltat application in both modes

In addition the following subsection provides some information about the possibility to monitor different parameters of the experiment:

The following table gives the names of the respective consoles and back-end computers used by some MuSR instruments:

Instrument Linux Console MIDAS Linux Back-end
GPD pc11317 psw412
GPS pc11318 psw415
DOLLY pc8533 psw411
LTF pc9627 psw414
ALC ---— psw407n
HAL-9500 pc11320 psw409

The account used by normal MuSR users on the Linux Console is l_musr_tst. Ask the instrument scientist for the present password.
Inside the PSI network, and also from ouside when using the VPN procedure, the Linux Console can be accessed via a VNC viewer by using the same password as for the l_musr_tst account.